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Learning to drive a car can be a nervous experience for just about anybody who doesn’t have driving experience. Even though cars are convenient for getting you to your destinations a lot faster, they are also very dangerous if you do not know how to drive properly. You need to learn how to be a safe driver so that you don’t have any accidents.

Top 5 Tips

Below are 5 tips you can use to learn how to drive a car while being safe.

  1. Practice in Empty Parking Lots–If you have no experience driving on the road whatsoever, the first place you need to start practicing is in a huge empty parking lot. This is helpful because there are no people or cars around and you have a lot of wide open spaces to make practice and make mistakes.
  2. Go the Speed Limit–Always obey the speed limit signs of the road. Although you may see other cars passing or tailgating you, do not let them intimidate you into driving faster than you should. This will come in handy for when you must take your driver’s test because the tester will be very strict on grading your driving speed.
  3. Drive with a Licensed Driver–Most states require you to have a licensed driver in the car with you if you’re holding a learner’s permit. But regardless of the situation, if you are new to driving then you will want to have someone next to you who has experience at driving. This is the best way to learn from your mistakes and to get advice on what to do next if you’re confused about something.
  4. Put the Phone Away–Whether you are a new driver or not, you should never have your smartphone out while driving. This is particularly important for new drivers because it is very easy to make a mistake if you’re the least bit distracted by something like a smartphone.
  5. Get Comfortable First–Prior to even turning on the engine, you should adjust your side view mirrors and rearview mirror to make sure they are positioned properly for you. Then, you need to adjust your seat so that you are comfortable and that your right foot can reach the pedals easily.

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Most new drivers may go through driver’s education classes but none of those will prepare you for the real-life experience of driving a vehicle. The tips you just learned will be helpful for when you’re out on the road trying to be safe and follow the law.

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