10 Essential Car Accessories Worth Investing In – CarTreatments.com

10 Essential Car Accessories Worth Investing In – CarTreatments.com

10 Essential Car Accessories Worth Investing In – CarTreatments.com

Whether you’re the proud owner of a brand new car or thinking of buying one soon, there are a few “must have” car accessories you should definitely consider investing in.

They range from safety features to small knick-knacks to make your car the sanctuary that you’ve always desired. Some of these accessories may be obvious, others you’ve probably never considered.

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Top 10 Car Accessories

#1 – Portable Jump Starter Kit

As evident by the name, a jump starter cable kit can jump start your car due to battery failure. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to depend on having to find another person willing to use their car to jump start yours using traditional jumper cables.

You can attach the cables to your car battery, give it a short power boost, and you’re good to go. It can prove extremely useful if you find yourself stranded a good distance away from the nearest service station as it gives your vehicle enough power to cover that distance.

#2 – Bumper Guards

bumper guardbumper guard

In case your daily commute consists of some heavy bumper to bumper traffic, it would be wise to install some durable car bumper protectors.

They will ensure minimal damage to your car’s bumper in case of any fender benders or minor collisions. Also, it acts as a medium and reduces the impact on the passengers inside the car.

#3 – Bluetooth Car Kit

A Bluetooth device is a tool that can be connected to your smartphone, tablet or even your car radio, and can be used to stream music, podcasts, etc.

Because a Bluetooth kit is hands-free, it allows the driver more freedom to use all the aforementioned features. It’s also a much safer option than holding your phone in hand while driving.

You can even answer calls and texts using speech-to-text software, although we wouldn’t recommend it!

#4 – GPS Unit

If you’re someone who struggles with navigating via maps, this one is a must for you. All you have to do is enter your destination and the tracker will do the rest for you.

The GPS unit will display information regarding expected traffic on the way, arrival time, etc. You’ll never have to ask for directions from anyone again, fuss with paper maps, or try to follow a map on a tiny cell phone screen.

#5 – USB Car Charger

Picture this… you’re rushing to your car in the morning, trying to make it to your workplace in time, and realize that your phone’s battery is almost dead, yet again.

Sound familiar? If yes, then this accessory is a godsend for you. It’s a small investment and can efficiently charge your phone while you’re on the go so that you can have it up and ready to go by the time you get to work.  

#6 – Seat Covers and Floor Mats

No matter how careful you try to be, there are bound to be a few slip-ups now and then including: spilled drinks, food drippings, muddy shoes, etc. For that reason, it’s important to opt for some durable seat covers and floor mats from the get-go.

They’ll protect the interior of your car by preventing staining, fading, and other unwanted damage. This will keep your car’s interior in like-new shape which in turn retains the value of your car.

#7 – Cleaning Cloth

A cleaning cloth (microfiber is preferred) can be used to clean both the interior and exterior of your car. Whether it is to give your windshield a quick wipe or to clean your tires, this little accessory proves extremely convenient as it is cheap, durable and easily fits into any small nook of your car.

Paper towels also work in emergencies but they can scratch surfaces. Therefore, it’s recommended to always have a soft cloth available, in case of any annoying spills or quick touch-ups!

#8 – Pressure Gauge

tire pressure gaugetire pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is a small tool that you can use to check the air pressure in your tires before you leave for a long trip. Inappropriate tire pressure can quickly cause deterioration of tires if not kept in check.

Therefore it is important to keep track of tire pressure on a regular basis. A small pressure gauge can be the size as a ballpoint pen making it both affordable and portable.

#9 – Emergency Tire Repair

Lately, more and more car owners are opting for one-time use tire sealants and tire inflators instead of hauling around a spare tire in their trunk. The main feature of this kit is a tire puncture sealant, which is a spray of sorts and comes in a pressurized can.

A puncture sealant can be used to easily repair most flat tires without actually replacing the tire. Although it is not a permanent solution, it is extremely convenient if you’re in a pinch or roadside conditions are too poor or dangerous to attempt changing the tire.

#10 – Air Freshener

Let’s be honest; nobody likes to sit in a car that’s stuffy or has an unpleasant odor. You can rid yourself of most odors by simply rolling down the windows.

However, there are some odors that are more persistent and need to be dealt with head-on. You can do this by simply spending a couple bucks on an air freshener and be done with it. They come in a wide array of scents and can even be organic.  

Having these ten accessories in your car at all times will significantly upgrade your everyday commute, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience during each drive.

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